Oregonians Must Be Fearless

This week, all flags at public institutions throughout Oregon were ordered to be lowered to half-staff this Thursday at sunset to honor the victims of the attacks in Paris. This sad and senseless attack brings us back to the horrors of 9/11 and more recently Roseburg. This was the first time many of us stopped feeling safe in the United States and Oregon.

One of my campaign themes is “Be Fearless.” Fearlessness has been what has helped me throughout my life and will help me lead Oregon through difficult times.  

Photo: Bud with his father.

As a young boy, I lost my father. It was sad, scary, and difficult to suddenly become a leader in my family. From that experience, I became emotionally strong and learned how to work.

I chose to become an enlisted Marine because I heard the training was very difficult, and I wanted to challenge myself physically and mentally.

When I began my career in medicine, I chose the study of blood, cancer, and experimental pathology. I wanted to help cure cancer because it is one of the most frightening diseases a person can have. I work with people every day who face the possibility of a cancer diagnosis. They are afraid. I want them to be fearless. I have seen people diagnosed with stage four cancer go into remission and survive. That isn’t always the case, and we must be strong to support their families through the fear and loss.

Photo: Bud with a patient.

I took on tough political issues in my industry, working on liability reform, helping our most needy citizens gain access to health care and medications, and leading Oregon physicians as President of the Oregon Medical Association.

I can't stand by any longer and watch people lose their economic security, their freedoms, and their confidence in Oregon government. I am fearless, and my life has prepared me for leadership. This is why I am running to be your Governor.

Photo: Bud addressing a crowd on the Oregon Capitol building steps. 

I'm not afraid to stand up to organizations and people who don't want the best for Oregonians. I'm not afraid of groups trying to wield political control over decision-makers. Let's stand together.

Oregonians, please be strong and fearless with me.