Man running for Oregon governor stops by Ontario

ONTARIO — Dr. William C. “Bud” Pierce, Republican candidate for Oregon governor, says he was trained in leadership and that is part of what he would bring to the position if elected.

“I’m really trained as leader,” Pierce, who is running for his first elected office, said, commenting that is what led him to file for governor rather than the Legislature.

Pierce, of Salem, was in Ontario Wednesday afternoon and conducted a roundtable session with several business leaders from Ontario, Nyssa and Vale at the Plaza Inn.

Pierce drove home his message about rural politics during his talk.

One of his goals is to make the government work for the citizens, he said.

“They are there to support citizens,” he said of people in government.

Pierce said he wants to find a balanced use of natural resources and would work to support those people living out on the lands.

He opposes less populated areas of Oregon being turned into parks, he said, and would work to create an economy that will support the rural life-styles.

Though he’s a doctor, Pierce does have political experience.

Pierce, a medical doctor who also has a Ph.D in experimental pathology, said he has been involved with politics in the medical field, through the Oregon Medical Association. As president of the association, Pierce said he was one of four medical association negotiators who met with four trial lawyers to write legislation on liability reform.

The outcome, Senate Bill 483 in 2013, was a reform that emphasizes open discussion, disclosure and resolution on out of court settlements, Pierce said.

As governor, Pierce said, he would focus on reforming state government, doing such things as surrounding himself with people from outside of government, bringing in new blood, including people from business and education and pushing away big business and big labor.

Another reform he proposes is to sunset any legislation that has to do with finance.

Instead of the Legislature passing a bunch of new laws, Pierce said he would like to see a panel appointed to review existing laws to see how they overlap and seek simplification of the laws where possible.

“Make it simple so people know what the law is,” Pierce said.

Also, he said would want to do more to improve the state’s infrastructure.

“We’re not free to do projects,” he said. “We’re woefully short of roads.”

Explaining his political leanings Pierce said he is considers himself a “Lincoln Republican”, a “Teddy Roosevelt Republican, a “Tom McCall Republican,” a Mark Hatfield Republican.”

“I’m proud to be Republican,” he said.

Commenting on the current political climate, Pierce said, “The Republican party needs a new messenger and a new message.”

Pierce is a senior partner of Hematology/Oncology of Salem, according to a biographical sketch, and it is one of the last physician-owned oncology practices in the Northwest. He is the anchor of the practice, treating thousands of patients with serious blood disorders and cancer.

Posted from the Argus Observer