Bud's New Year's Resolutions for Oregon

As we leave 2015 behind, all of us at Bud Pierce for Governor have many wishes for a happy 2016. I hope you enjoy some of our resolutions for 2016.

  1. Government that serves the people.
  2. Government that protects the people.
  3. Government that promotes business success so that businesses can provide great wages.
  4. A transparent government.
  5. A government where corruption is the exception, not the norm.
  6. A government that is frugal and is a good steward of every tax dollar.
  7. Great k-12 education and career technical education for our children.
  8. Low cost and high quality university education for our students.
  9. Great roads, great public transportation, and no gridlock.
  10. A functioning Port of Portland and a world-class, deepwater port at Coos Bay.
  11. The ability to use our forests, plains, and all our natural resources for economic advantage while still maintaining a great environment.
  12. A modern, efficient, and TSA-supported regional air transportation system.
  13. Prosperity in rural Oregon.
  14. A second Timbers championship.

From me to you, have a happy and safe New Year! 

P.S. As this year ends, don't forget that Oregon has a political donation tax credit of $50 dollars for qualifying individuals and $100 for qualifying couples. Your donation will make a difference. I would greatly appreciate your help in this way.