Bud Pierce on Gov. Kate Brown's 2016 Agenda & Priorities

Statement from Republican candidate for Oregon Governor Bud Pierce on Gov. Kate Brown's 2016 Agenda & Priorities

Kate Brown's 2016 agenda for new commissions, working groups, task forces, and education officials won't get Oregon back on track. Neither will Brown's call for new regulations on Oregon small businesses in the form of a minimum wage increase. We've been there and done that. The last 30 years of one-party, Democratic rule in the Governor's office have failed us. Oregon has only fallen further behind the rest of the nation in basic achievement measures, and life has become harder for working Oregonians. 

At her Agenda and Priorities Press Conference on Jan. 20, Brown disappointed Oregonians again by outlining a tired and outdated list of priorities driven by special interests and ignoring Oregon's manifest problems:

  • The state's deteriorating infrastructure—notably our roads and bridges and escalating traffic congestion.
  • The billion-dollar PERS crisis that will cause school districts to cut teachers and deepen the economic and social degradation of rural Oregon.
  • While talking about creating “healthy and vibrant communities” in her news conference, she simultaneously supports a five-billion-dollar sales tax on business.
  • She talks about supporting small business with “more black ink, less red tape” by reducing regulations, but then she proposes legislation that will jack up their costs through mandates and tax increases. Notably, this is a week after she accepted a $100,000 union campaign donation.
  • While she mentioned Malheur County, she completely ignored the plight of rural Oregonians and the frustrations they face with overbearing regulations that cripple their economy. 

In her agenda discussion, she revealed plans to make State Government “accountable and more transparent,” but that absolutely hasn't been the case in her short administration. The Oregonian and other publications have criticized the Governor for conspiring to keep public records from the public and for directing the Public Utilities Commission members and staff to keep from sharing their concerns about a recent back-room energy deal with the public.

Her omissions had reporters raising many important issues in their question and answer session.

Oregon needs a strong and fearless governor at the helm, and we didn't see that yesterday. We saw a candidate who seemed uncomfortable, awkward, and unable to stand up to special interests that have characterized recent administrations. We saw a career politician who repeated crafted talking points, keeping with the same old policies and ordering up a few new government commissions with the same old crowd won't fix Oregon—Oregon needs a new hand at the wheel.

—Bud Pierce

Bud Pierce is a Republican candidate for Oregon governor and a respected oncologist and senior partner of Hematology/Oncology of Salem. www.budpierce.com. Photos are available at www.budpierce.com/newsroom.

Media Contact: Mary Louise VanNatta, Bud Pierce for Governor Communications Director, at news@budpierce.com or 503-509-9575 or Campaign Manager Nick Rhoten 503-991-5238.