RELEASE: Pierce Condemns Latest News of Kitzhaber/Brown Secrecy and Deception


Pierce Condemns Latest Revelation of Kitzhaber/Brown Culture of Secrecy and Deception

Salem, Ore. (Jan. 28, 2016) —   Bud Pierce, Republican candidate for governor, responded to the disappointing news that was revealed about a holdover from Kitzhaber’s administration working for Governor Brown. This kind of secrecy and deception is a result of 30 years of one party rule in the Governor’s office. Sadly, it is only the latest instance.

Richard Whitman, Natural Resources Policy Advisor to former Gov. Kitzhaber and now Gov. Brown, communicated with a lawyer representing the Umatilla Tribes on water resource issues in an attempt to stop a potentially controversial letter from being available to the public. The email stated:

"Although I understand the need, on occaision [sic], to make a public record on issues, I also know the worth of opportunities for frank exchanges of views. In general, I would appreciate it if there would be a direct conversation on issues such as these before letters are sent."

Governor Brown talks about transparency and openness, but her aides have repeatedly worked to shut the public out of the process. Both Kitzhaber and Brown have faced questions about putting their political careers before public accountability.

“In a Bud Pierce administration, transparency will be essential. We have seen how hidden agendas, playing politics, and keeping information from the public has harmed Oregonians,” said Pierce.

“We only have to look back a few months to the see how the much-needed transportation package failed because of misinformation by the Director of the Department of Transportation and deals for special interest groups,” said Pierce.

“Last month, it was reported that her administration worked with the Attorney General’s office to make previously public worker information private. Just last week there were issues with backroom deals with power companies that will lead to dramatic increases in rates.”

This kind of activity is the result of 30 years of one-party rule in the governor's office. What should concern citizens is that Brown chose to retain a number of Kitzhaber’s staff and agency heads who have been linked to a culture of dishonesty.

Bud Pierce is a Republican candidate for Oregon governor and a respected oncologist and senior partner of Hematology/Oncology of Photos available

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