Leadership in the Legislature

Great leaders don’t set out to be a leader. They set out to make a difference. It’s never about the role, it’s always about the goal.
— Unknown

Happy New Year!

Next week, the Oregon Legislature will holds its Legislative Days. During this time, committees will hold informational meetings and hear updates from agencies and task forces. The month-long 2016 session will start in February. The legislature will take on issues such as the minimum wage, PERS shortfalls, agency mismanagement (Department of Energy), and child welfare (Department of Human Services). You will see Kate Brown struggle as the legislature ignores our transportation crisis and pressure mounts to place more tax burdens on businesses through proposed union ballot measures.

There are two kinds of politicians: Those who want to “be someone” and others who want to “do something.” Bud Pierce is the kind of leader who doesn’t need a title to be a leader, he comes by it naturally.

Bud Pierce started his leadership with his family. When his father died suddenly, he had to lead his family. He got a job as a young teen, working only for tips, and he helped his widowed mother. He continued to lead throughout his life.

 Photo: Bud and Selma after Bud was awarded the Salem's First Citizen Award.

Photo: Bud and Selma after Bud was awarded the Salem's First Citizen Award.

He has been a leader as an educator at OHSU, helping students as they pursue their own medical career. He has also been a leader as a business owner, operating one of the last physician-owned oncology practices in the Northwest. As the principal partner of a 75-employee medical practice, Bud Pierce knows how to lead a business. Daily, he leads those with cancer through the challenges they face.

Bud Pierce is a leader recognized by his colleagues.

A leader is someone who is singled out by his or her profession and elected to lead. Bud Pierce was elected by physicians in Oregon to lead the Oregon Medical Association. In Salem, he was elected leader of the Marion-Polk Medical Society and the Medical Foundation of Marion and Polk Counties. His colleagues have confidence in his ability to lead.

 Photo: Bud being sworn in as the Oregon Medical Association President by Dr. Carla McKelvey.

Photo: Bud being sworn in as the Oregon Medical Association President by Dr. Carla McKelvey.

Bud Pierce has proven experience as a leader who can help resolve tough Oregon issues.

In 2013, when Oregon was desperate for liability reform, former Governor Kitzhaber reached out to Bud Pierce to work with the trial attorneys to find a resolution.

As quoted in Sept. 24, 2015, on The Lund Report

“'Bud was truly masterful at getting doctors and trial lawyers to work together,' said Dr. Robert Dannenhoffer, a Roseburg pediatrician and former CEO of Architrave Health, the parent company for the Douglas County coordinated care organization.”

Career Politicians are afraid they will lose their titles, leaders are fearless.

When you are attached to your title, you are unwilling to stand up to special interests who might fund your next campaign. Bud Pierce is fearless. He credits this to his experience as a Marine and as a physician. The Marines helped him overcome fear of physical challenges, and medicine helped him take up the fight for those who suffer from cancer.

Bud Pierce asks: How can I be afraid to stand up to anyone when I see how my patients stand up to cancer?

Bud Pierce can lead the state in a better direction with a new vision for Oregon. One that doesn’t cower to special interests, but stands up for the rights of Oregonians.