The Cost of Kate


Kate Brown supports the $6-billion tax increase her political allies in our government unions put on this year's ballot. Their Measure 97 tax on Oregon sales is the biggest tax increase in Oregon history. Non-partisan state economists estimate that the average Oregonian will pay $600 dollars more for goods and services under Measure 97.

Average yearly cost hike for an Oregon household under Measure 97: $600

But the “Cost of Kate” doesn't end there. She has already approved laws and policies that will push increased costs for struggling Oregon families above $1000 a year. Specifically, the “Cost of Kate” could come to $1066 a year for a typical Oregon family.

The hidden gas tax in Brown's “Low-Carbon Fuel Standards” law will increase the cost of gasoline for Oregon drivers by 19 cents a gallon (official state estimate). The money won't go to build or repair one bridge or highway to eliminate one bit of traffic gridlock. It will go instead to out-of-state companies and crony capitalists that pushed this law. The average Oregonian motorist buys about 464 gallons of gasoline each year (11,000 miles a year, getting 23.7 miles per gallon) There are 2.20 cars in an average family. Thus, an Oregon family will spend $193 more each year for Brown's hidden gas tax.

Annual cost of Brown's hidden gas tax per Oregon family: $193

The backroom “clean-coal” deal between big investor-owned utilities and environmentalists that Brown rubberstamped will cost Oregon residential electric consumers an extra $152 each year from 2025 and 2045. The additional $3.6 billion the state's residential customer will pay will go to big utilities, crony corporatists in general and crony capitalists in the renewable energy arena in particular.

Annual cost of Brown's coal deal for residential households: $152

One of the first bills Brown signed upon becoming governor was legislation pushed by trial attorneys to increase the “Property Injury Protection” that Oregon, unlike many other states, requires. The Oregon insurance Division reported that this new requirement would increase premiums by at least $55 per year per car. Since the average family owns 2.20 vehicles, the additional cost of this new requirement comes to at least $121 per year.

Average yearly cost per Oregon family for Brown's insurance requirement: $121


Bud Pierce knows everyday Oregon families are struggling. Thatss why favors tax cuts for low- and moderate-income families instead of Brown's $6 billion tax increases. That's why Bud Pierce wants to rollback the Brown laws that will hurt everyday Oregonians while enriching the individuals and interest groups now funding Brown's campaign. It's time for new leadership and a fresh direction in Oregon. Please give Bud Pierce your vote this Election Day. And tell your friends to do the same. Few of us can afford the cost of Kate's “help.”