Bud Pierce Challenges Kate Brown in Open Letter

In agreement with an editorial published Sunday, Feb. 28, 2016 in the Statesman Journal entitled, “Dear Kate and Bud, please hit the road...together,” by Editorial Page Editor Dick Hughes, Dr. Bud Pierce wrote a letter to Governor Kate Brown suggesting that they campaign together.

Assuming both candidates win the primary, Hughes suggested that Governor Brown and Dr. Pierce take around three weeks to visit areas in Eastern, Central, and Western Oregon to, “ride together, appear together and debate together.” 

In his letter to Brown, Pierce wrote, “I think it is a great idea. I wanted to reach out so that our staffs can schedule visits, debates, town halls, and forums all over the state in a neutral environment moderated by local press.”

Pierce agrees with Hughes that the national political environment has not encouraged citizens to feel hopeful about their political leaders. He wrote to Brown, “I believe that when Oregonians hear our real ideas and see our passion for Oregon, we can do much to change their perception of political leaders while helping them make an informed decision when they vote.”

One area where Pierce disagreed with Hughes was his assumption that their mutual staffs will “hate” the idea of the trip. He emphasized that for the Pierce team, “This is not the case. My team would welcome this opportunity with enthusiasm. While we may find our parties disagree on ways to achieve economic prosperity and healthy communities, we can surely agree that much has to be done.”

You can read the Hughes editorial here and Dr. Pierce’s letter to Governor Brown here