A Message From Bud to Veterans

A Message From Bud

  Photo:   Bud Pierce's Graduation from Boot Camp.

Photo: Bud Pierce's Graduation from Boot Camp.

"Being an American Veteran means that you are a man or a woman with a warrior's heart, not seeking war, but willing to fight if necessary, to defend your land, your people, and your way of life. This is the ultimate expression of public service. A great political leader seeks only to serve in the name of good government, elevating and serving the people and always resisting the allure of power and prestige. As your Governor, I will defend and obey the Constitution of Oregon and the Constitution of the United States, and you have my solemn oath to serve you with the dignity and respect that you have earned." ~Bud

Meet Jake Pelroy- Veterans Outreach Coordinator

"Before joining the U.S. Marines, I grew up outside of Eugene in a small town called Veneta. I joined the U.S. Marines when I was 19 years old. Feeling stalled in college and lacking life satisfaction, I was considering the military. I went to the local mall, and the U.S. Marine recruiting office was open, making my decision really easy. It turns out it was the right decision for me. I wanted to get the full military experience. I signed up to be an Intelligence Analyst and went to boot camp at the beginning of 2005, starting my five-year active duty. While in the service, I was stationed at Camp Pendleton, California and did three tours to Iraq (2006, 2007, 2008). I received an honorable discharge in January 2010 and started working towards my degree at the University of Oregon. Today I join fellow Marine, Bud Pierce, in his campaign for Governor of Oregon."

To Our Veterans

One of our own is running for governor of Oregon. His name is Bud Pierce, and he wants to serve again. Bud’s chief Republican opponent in the primary, Allen Alley, has not. Neither has Democrat Kate Brown, who Republicans will face in the fall.

Bud learned to say what he means and do what he says from military service.

One place Bud Pierce learned how to get things done was the Marine Corps. He enlisted in 1979 and served six years. He later served in the U.S. Naval Reserve as a doctor during his medical training.

As Bud often says that one thing he learned there was to mean what you say, say what you mean, and do what you say you’re going to do. Bud also talks about how the military taught him the importance of putting good people into the right position and giving them the tools and freedom to do the job. He knows a good dose of authority and accountability on the part of agency heads, managers—and politicians—is what’s needed to turn Oregon around.

  Photo: Bud at the Veterans Administration building in Portland.

Photo: Bud at the Veterans Administration building in Portland.

Bud Pierce Supports Veterans. He believes:

  • Taking care of our veterans is a core function of state government, not an afterthought or line in a Veterans’ Day speech.
  • He knows what it means to serve with honor, and he knows that the state government has a solemn duty to honor the sacrifice of those who’ve served with honor. 
  • Returning veterans need a place in our state’s workforce. They have unique skills and strengths they learned in the military. We can do more to help them thrive when they come home.
  • Vets deserve quality health care—both physical and mental.

Bud Pierce knows this, because he’s lived it—while serving in the Marines and serving vets with cancer in his work at the Veteran’s Administration hospital in Portland. He’s one of us. 

Dr. Bud Pierce will be there for us, but we must first be there for him. Ballots go out next month.