Bud Pierce Speaks in Support of Initiative Petition 65

Salem, OR (March 9, 2016) - Republican candidate for governor Bud Pierce announced his support today for the “Better Schools Now” initiative to ensure that more Oregon students are prepared for the workforce and/or college. Initiative Petition 65 would dedicate a certain percentage of state funds (at least $800 per student) to career-tech programs, access to college-level courses, and proven dropout prevention programs.

“Finally, somebody’s actually doing something about Oregon’s miserable graduation rate and the fact that 75 percent of Oregon kids who go on to community colleges need remedial help. Initiative Petition 65 builds on what we know is working here and across the nation – career-technical education classes, high school classes that provide college credit, and strategies to combat absenteeism. Salem has failed us. It’s time to use Oregon’s initiative process to fix what our career politicians and special interests won’t: a broken educational system that’s failing Oregon’s students and taxpayers. I urge Oregonians to visit the IP65 Better Schools website now and sign up as a supporter. I also promise that, if the initiative fails to qualify for the November 2016 ballot, I will remain its champion in the governor’s office,” said Pierce.