The Road to Victory

The Road to Victory: Drawing a Distinction Between Myself and My Opponent

By Bud Pierce

Nearly 18 months ago, I committed to running and winning Oregon’s next gubernatorial election.

Primary ballots will be mailed this week and the election winner will be announced May 17. Late in the process, Allen Alley emerged as a contender in the Republican primary. It is now important for me to define myself, in relationship to my competition, in order to allow the voters to make their decision.

I formally announced my decision to run for governor on Sept. 10, 2015 and have traveled throughout the state listening to, and speaking with Republicans and citizens from all parties. It is important to know, and to discuss, the ISSUES OF TODAY.

Allen Alley announced his run on March 7, 2016 the day before the filing deadline. He often states that the learned much about our state on an Eastern Oregon to Portland trip in 2010. This was six years ago, during his failed gubernatorial primary campaign. Times have changed.

I have vast and varied experience in life and expertise in health care politics. I am a powerful advocate for public health, medical education and health care delivery reform. I led a group of four doctors, who met with four trial lawyers, and succeeded at something that had been attempted for 30 years. We created legislation that promotes patient safety, transparency in our medical care system, and legal reform to keep disputes out of the courtroom. This involved many months of intense meetings to write the legislation, to take public testimony, and to present the bill to the community. This legislation was overwhelmingly passed by the legislature, and signed by the governor. 

Political experience is a matter of perspective here. Alley touts his “political experience,” which consists of two failed state runs for political office, and serving as co-Chief of Staff to DEMOCRATIC GOVERNOR Ted Kulongoski.

Republicans view the Democratic Party Governor’s office as the place where hidden negotiations between Democratic party leadership, big labor and big business occur, leading to legislation which helps the connected and powerful, and hurts the people. Lessons learned by Alley in this role are best forgotten.

I have successfully served in many leadership positions in charitable organizations, as a proud U.S. Marine and in medical politics, and have been successful by being a leader who listens, and who leads while serving, elevating cause above self.

Alley, WHILE SERVING as Oregon Republican Party (ORP) Chair, was a participant in the Oregon Transformation Project, a group that endorsed 30 DEMOCRATIC PARTY CANDIDATES in the 2012 fall election. UNBELIEVEABLE! He himself in a letter admitted he “screwed this up.” Finally, while serving as ORP Chair and while overseeing Oregon delegate selection to the National Republican Convention, Alley angered Ron Paul supporters by shutting down district conventions, and having the Republican Party Executive Committee choose alternate delegates. This is another example of failed leadership, which angered many Republicans, and fractured our party. We must not tolerate failed leaders.

While serving as a medical leader, representing doctors of all political parties, I contributed financially to some Democratic political leaders, although the majority of my donated political funds have gone to Republicans, because I am a Republican. I donated to Democrats because the political system of today primarily listens to donors, not citizens. If I am elected governor, I will ensure that I hear the voices of citizens and donors. I also supported doctors of any party who ran for office, because I believe that doctors who seek office should be supported by doctors. Alley has also supported Democratic office holders, presumably for the same reason. However, I find it strange that Alley donated thousands of dollars to the DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE (DNC), while being a professed Republican.

Watch my ad about Alley's donations.

My experience, and my proven leadership in private life, has prepared me to serve the citizens as a Governor for the people of Oregon, elevating the people. If elected, I will be a fierce advocate for regular Oregonians, as I have done all of my life, and I will do everything in my power to help you to be safe, prosperous and free. The time has come for a REPUBLICAN VICTORY!