RELEASE: Bud Pierce Calls out Allen Alley for Misleading Statements and Ads

Salem, OR, (April 29, 2016) - Just one week after Allen Alley was called out by the Albany Democrat Herald for copyright violations that implied the paper’s endorsement he released a political ad mischaracterizing Bud Pierce’s position on “Obamacare” and Cover Oregon. 

In a statement to supporters Pierce wrote, “Regardless of what Alley said in his political ads, I have never endorsed “Obamacare” nor Cover Oregon, the state’s health insurance marketplace. In fact, I have openly criticized the Democrats for their mismanagement and the fiscal irresponsibility of the Cover Oregon website and program.”

Pierce, an oncologist, is extremely knowledgeable about health care policies and the problems with the insurance industry. “I do believe that nobody should die of a treatable disease and it is preferable that people have insurance. The current system is unaffordable to both the individual and society. I will use my experience as a doctor and Oregon Medical Association president to make reforms and reduce the cost for Oregonians.” 

The current system, “Obamacare” (The Patient Protection andAffordable Care Act) is flawed in many ways, says Pierce.  “I believe we need to reform or replace Obamacare, and I will support an alternative program with adjustments that will not burden people with the higher cost policies.”

Alley may be confused because Pierce did support coordinated care organizations (CCO) under Oregon’s Medicaid program. In addition, he favors patients having access in Oregon via two systems; a government CCO system (currently used only for Medicaid patients) and a very lightly regulated insurance system, with freedom to innovate and improve the system.