Preview Bud's Statewide Ad

We’re on a express run to the Republican primary. If you can believe it, there are only seven weeks until May 17. Ballots will go out at the end of April. The Bud Pierce for Governor campaign knows that to win the primary and to get our message that a new vision and a new direction is needed in Oregon, we will have to reach voters all over the state. While Bud and his wife Selma have traveled all over Oregon since announcing his candidacy in September last year, there is a lot of work to do to reach the 649,731 Republican voters.

Our major primary opponent entered the race just one day before filing day and we expect he will not be able to generate the grassroots, citizen support that Bud has been able to gain through his individual efforts. He will run a media-based (ads) campaign, and we will also run ads. We wanted you to be the first to see our new ads.

Rest assured, we are not only relying on media to get our message out. All while he is still helping cancer patients, Bud is really listening to Oregonians. He has over 1200 small donors under $150 and has committed his own money to the campaign so, unlike his major opponent, will not be owned by political insiders or “out of state” special interests.

Medford/Roseburg Media Tour

On March 30 Bud and Selma Pierce headed to Medford and Roseburg so Bud could be interviewed by editorial boards, local television and radio.

Bud visited Medford last September so this was a chance to update his friends in Southern Oregon on the campaign. He started the morning with an interview with KOBI-TV's Five on 5 segment. You can watch that here. Then it was off to the Medford Mail Tribune to meet with Editorial Page Editor Gary Nelson.

  Photo: Bud interviewing with KOBI. 

Photo: Bud interviewing with KOBI. 

While preparing for media interviews Bud and Selma stopped by the Umpqua Valley Arts Association and visited with Executive Director Andrew Apter. The center displayed art from local children. “The art was excellent and inspiring,” said Pierce.

In Roseburg Bud’s first interview was with Kyle Bailey, news director of KQEN. This live, in-depth interview was designed to give listeners a good understanding of the Pierce campaign and his interest in the region. You can hear his interview here.

  Photo: Bud with News Director Kyle Bailey   of Roseburg's KQEN 1240 radio station.

Photo: Bud with News Director Kyle Bailey of Roseburg's KQEN 1240 radio station.

It was lunch in the car and a quick call in to Eugene radio station KPNW to comment on a news release sent from the campaign office.

Then it was off to the Roseburg News-Review. Bud sat with Features Editor, Craig Reed, reporter Carisa Cegavske and writer Bentley Gilbert. Bentley and Bud had something in common because his nickname is also “Bud.” Bud was asked questions about all kinds of issues and they even asked Selma why she thought her husband would be a good Governor. She said she wasn’t expecting to be included in the interview but was pleased to share why her spouse of 34 years would be an excellent leader of the state.

Ashley Force from CBS affiliate KPIC in Roseburg interviewed Bud outside in the bright sunshine, something that was hadn’t seen in the valley very much over the last few weeks. Bud stopped in at the Roseburg Chamber office to meet the staff.

  Photo: Bud being interviewed by KPIC in Roseburg.

Photo: Bud being interviewed by KPIC in Roseburg.

The Roseburg Beacon was hospitable as we stopped by for a glass of water and a short visit with Executive Editor David Jaques. Finally, we sought out a landline telephone and called in to the Jayne Carroll show at Hillsboro's KUIK radio station. The interview lasted almost an hour and the detailed conversation covered a large variety of topics.

Then, off to a Roseburg fundraiser meet and greet!

Where is Dr. Pierce today? Bend to visit with the Bend Bulletin Editorial Board and local veterans.