Republicans Lose When Alley Leads: See What His Endorsements Were Backing

It is just a few days before the election and we have seen what desperate career politicians do to win, they stretch news they read in the papers, without knowing the facts and see if the public will be fooled.

That’s what Allen Alley’s doing in his half-hearted primary race against Dr. Bud Pierce by trying to tie him to Obama and “Obamacare,” and two things are obvious:

1. This low and dishonest campaign tactic is shameful. Bud Pierce has never supported “Obamacare.” Ever. As a doctor, he wants everyone to have health care coverage, but “Obamacare” has never been Dr. Pierce’s answer to health care reform. As Bud Pierce said in demanding that Alley pulled the ads, “I have never endorsed ‘Obamacare’ or Cover Oregon, the state’s health insurance marketplace. In fact, I have openly criticized the Democrats for their mismanagement and the fiscal irresponsibility of the Cover Oregon website and program.”

2. The photoshopped ads, coordinated by his out-of-state consultants paid for by his out-of-state money reflect the level of desperation in the Alley campaign, as Dr. Pierce has made the case for his own candidacy and spotlighted Alley’s record going back to his time as Democratic Gov. Ted Kulongoski’s chief of staff.

Alley is desparate because he contributed thousands of dollars to the Democratic National Committee, which turned around and sent the money to the John Kerry for President Campaign and the Oregon Democratic Party. Alley headed a group that sent out “Women’s Voter Guide” to more than 200,000 people endorsing some 30 Oregon Democrats. Those endorsed include four Democrats running for Congress as well as Democratic legislators such as House Democratic Leader Tina Kotek, Val Hoyle, Ginny Burdick, Sara Gelser, Carolyn Tomei, Jeff Reardon and Chris Gorsek.

Consider that the endorsement of all these Democrats by Alley’s group (the Oregon Transformation Project) happened when Alley was chair of the Oregon Republican Party (ORP). At a time when he could have brought the party together and helped bring new Republican leaders into the legislature, he did just the opposite. Republicans criticized Alley for this “sucker punch” to the Republican Party, and his “screw-up” was one of the things that led him not to seek re-election as Republican Party chairman a few months later.

If, as Alley claimed, he didn’t know about the Democrat-endorsing women’s voters guide before its distribution, it’s still troubling. What’s that say about his management of the organization he chaired? We need to be able to count on the next Republican governor of Oregon to manage and be accountable for the state government he will head after 30 years of one-party Democratic rule. Dr. Bud Pierce will be that governor.

There's more...

One of the Democrats endorsed over a Republican candidate in the “Women’s Voter Guide” sent out by the organization Allen Alley chaired was Rep. Tina Kotek, the ultra-liberal Portland Democrat, who later became Speaker of the Oregon House. In fact, the “Women’s Voter Guide” singled out Kotek for special attention. Here are a few of the ways Kotek subsequently paid back the Alley-led Oregon Transformation Project for its 2012 endorsement:

  1. Passed a gun control law (SB 941) that criminalizes hunters, veterans and gun owners over private exchanges of weapons and turns law-abiding gun-owners into criminals.
  2. Passed a low-carbon-fuel law (SB 324) that will increase the price of of gas by 20 cents to $1 per gallon for Oregonians through a hidden gas tax.
  3. Passed a law (HB 2758) that prohibits insurance carriers or third party administrators from disclosing to parents health information related to services provided to their children.
  4. Rubber-stamped (SB 1547) a backroom deal between big utilities and environmental groups that will cost residential customers an extra $3.4 billion or $152 each year.
  5. Wasted $227 million on the Columbia Crossing River crossing bridge that was never built.
  6. Spent $300 million on the Cover Oregon government healthcare website that never worked.