It's About the Issues

The election is four days away. It is up to all of us to do all that we can to ensure that our hopes and aspirations for Oregon are fulfilled. At this point in the campaign, charges and counter-charges are flying fast and furious. Even the most conscientious voter can get confused if they believe everything they see in election ads. I wanted to assure you that all of my materials and advertising has been 100% accurate. I encourage you to do your own research on the issues, even KOIN TV noted that Allen Alley had no specific information on issues on his website. Don’t believe my opponent's gross mischaracterization of my positions on healthcare issues. While I want everyone to be insured I have never endorsed Obamacare. Ever. Although my opponent’s ad photoshops me in a picture with Barack Obama, I also have never met him. Ever. Please listen to my response ad here.

Consider the choice Republicans have to make as we work to end 30 years of one-party Democratic rule in the governor’s office. Oregon depends on getting this this choice right.

My opponent donated large sums of money to the Democratic National Committee. While leading the Oregon Republican Party, he headed a group that released a voter's guide that endorsed 30 Democrats, including Portland super-liberal Tina Kotek. As a top aide to Democratic Gov. Ted Kulongoski, he was a vocal champion of the tax giveaways and renewable energy mandates that have cost Oregon taxpayers and ratepayers billions. He failed to unite the Republican Party when he was chairman and in his two failed bids for statewide office. 

See what others are saying:

“Alley's candidacy is the equivalent of a lottery ticket, purchased on the long shot that something goes horribly wrong with Gov. Kate Brown's campaign. Pierce has shown he's taking the race more seriously—his higher level of engagement would make him a better foil to Brown in November.”

-Willamette Week Endorsement, May 4

A pillar of the Salem community, Pierce also is one of the most down-to-earth people you’ll come across. “How are you?” is not just a token greeting for him. He stops and listens to the response.

When he talks about bringing political opponents together to solve problems, he means it. When he talks about addressing two of the great problems in society – homelessness and mental illness – he means it.

-Statesman Journal Endorsement, May 1

“With just a few more days left before the Republican Primary, I would like to make this last-minute appeal to those Republicans who have not yet voted, to consider voting for Dr. Bud Pierce as the party candidate for governor of Oregon.

Bud is a bright, renowned and caring oncologist with a successful medical practice — not a career politician. He’s also a Navy/Marine Corps veteran, with all the qualities of leadership and discipline that military experience entails.”

-Letter to the Editor of Statesman Journal from Woody Tiernan, May 13

I very much want you to vote. I also ask you contact your family, your friends and neighbors and encourage them to vote Bud Pierce for Governor. 

Thank you for all your support,

  Bud Pierce

Bud Pierce