Setting the Record Straight

I want to thank all the people who have supported me. My wife Selma and I are honored. We are near the end of the campaign and charges are flying. 

I want to be clear with you. As a doctor, I want everyone to have healthcare for their sake, but I've never backed Obamacare. Its shameful for Allen Alley to claim I have, but that's what desperate career politicians do. 

Unlike Allen Alley, I have never given to the democratic machine known as the Democratic National Committee or chaired a group that sent out a voter guide endorsing 30 Democrats over Republicans, including Speaker Tina Kotek, one of the most liberal Portland legislators in our history. 

Let's set the record straight. I have donated over $400,000 dollars to Republican candidates, and Allen Alley has donated only $50,000. Alley has been a stingy donor to Republican candidates. 

As a marine, I always say what I mean and I mean what I say. As an outsider, I promise to be fair but firm in moving our state government in a different direction. Less spending, more support to small business, better graduation rates, defending the second amendment, and more honesty with Oregonians. 

I ask for your support. Thank you.

    Bud Pierce

Bud Pierce