RELEASE: Call off the Dogs, Governor Brown

SALEM, OR (May 23, 2016) –  The campaign for Republican gubernatorial candidate Bud Pierce released the following statement on Governor Kate Brown’s out of control political allies.

“Governor Brown needs to put a muzzle on the Oregon Democratic Party’s attack dogs and her political allies in government employee unions. Today we are seeing firsthand Kate Brown’s failure to rein in her political supporters on two fronts.”

Just hours after Pierce’s decisive win in the Republican primary against Allen Alley, the Democratic Party of Oregon (DPO) released a hit piece attacking the Salem oncologist for providing Medicare services to cancer patients. In a May 18 story, Willamette Week criticized the DPO’s “confused,” “ill-considered” and “illogical” Medicare attack on Dr. Bud Pierce. Willamette Week wrote, “Absent any evidence that Pierce is overcharging or otherwise gaming the system...the statistic is meaningless, just an election night cheap shot.”

Dr. Pierce said that, “I do treat cancer patients, many of whom are older and covered by Medicare. I also accept payments from Medicare, the program which pays for their medical tests, consultations and chemotherapy treatments. Does the Democratic Party of Oregon not want physicians to treat those patients? Their baseless campaign attack is the reason the public is rejecting career politicians. Another Monday story shows that Governor Brown needs to get control of her supporters.”

For months, Dr. Pierce has asked Governor Brown to stop her political allies in the government employee unions and the group, Our Oregon, from pushing for IP28. This was supposed to be a $5 billion tax increase in the form of a new tax on Oregon sales.  But Legislative Revenue Office (LRO) reported Monday that this new tax will cost Oregon taxpayers $6 billion, not $5 billion supporter claimed, each two-year budget cycle. In other words, they miscalculated and low-balled the amount of the tax. LRO also said that their proposed tax increase would wipe out 38,000 private sector jobs over the next five years.

Said Dr. Pierce, “I told Governor Brown months ago that, ‘sometimes the better part of political leadership is saying no to your friends and allies.’ She didn’t listen then, and today’s LRO report shows that IP28 is even more irresponsible than we initially thought. Working Oregonians – and, ultimately, non-working Oregonians – would pay a high price in higher prices and lost jobs. More attention to sound policy and less interest in bogus attacks on the part of Kate Brown and her people would better serve all Oregonians.” 

Bud Pierce, M.D, Ph.D. is Oregon’s Republican candidate for Governor.  He is a business owner and senior partner of Hematology/Oncology of Salem, one of the last physician owned oncology practices on the West Coast. Approved photos and biography can be found at Contact: or 503-509-9575.