RELEASE: Bud Pierce Responds to Gov. Kate Brown’s DEQ “Blitz Inspections”

RELEASE: Dr. Bud Pierce Responds to Gov. Kate Brown’s Oregon Department of Environmental Quality “Blitz Inspections”

Salem, OR, (May 6, 2016) - In a statement released today, Bud Pierce, Republican candidate for Governor called out Kate Brown on her rash approach to business environmental inspections.

At Governor Brown’s direction, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has created a list of 316 Oregon companies for more rigorous multilevel scrutiny, including surprise “blitz inspections.” This is likely a result of the air quality issue with Bullseye Glass and Uroboros Glass Studio.

Pierce said Governor Brown’s approach to environmental regulation was “reckless” and that instead of treating the companies like they have committed a crime, “we should instead be working collaboratively with public health officials and businesses to ensure that the quality of our air is safe - all across the state.”

“The vast majority of businesses are in full compliance with federal and state regulations. It is perfectly acceptable to hold businesses accountable to make sure that they are in compliance of the law, and those that are not need to be penalized to protect public health and safety,” Pierce added.

Finally, Pierce emphasized that Oregon government needs to be a welcoming place for business and not overreact whenever a problem is discovered. “This governmental attitude toward business will only serve to further reduce per capita income of struggling Oregonians.”

Read the entire statement here.