Bud Pierce's Statement on Orlando Shooting


Bud Pierce's Statement on Orlando Shooting

Salem, OR (June 12, 2016) - It is with heavy hearts that we grieve for the loss of innocent lives in Orlando, Florida. 

Selma and I are holding family and friends close today and praying for the victims, family members, and thousands placed in fear and terror because of this act of hatred.

"We will wait for the proper authorities to conclude whether this was an act of terror, but this was clearly an act of hatred," said Bud Pierce. "But what we won't wait for is to demand swift, fair, and forceful justice for those responsible for this act of pure evil."

Bud Pierce, M.D, Ph.D. is a business owner and senior partner of Hematology/Oncology of Salem, one of the last physician owned oncology practices on the West Coast. He announced his candidacy for governor on Sept.10, 2015, on the Republican ticket and won the party's nomination for Governor in the May primary.  Approved photos and biography can be found at www.BudPierce.com/newsroom. 

Contact: Stacey Kafka at news@budpierce.com or 503-­509­-9575.