Get Involved!

To our volunteers and supporters,

We extend heartfelt gratitude to those who have spent hours upon hours calling phones and knocking on doors to help secure the Republican nomination for Bud Pierce. It is through the hard work and dedication of people like you that a new vision and direction for Oregon is finally possible.

With the primary secured and behind us, our focus now shifts to Oregon’s General Election in November and to Bud’s opponent, Kate Brown.

This summer, the Bud Pierce campaign’s grassroots field program will focus on expanding our growing list of supporters in order to secure the Governor’s seat, make history, and break Oregon’s thirty years of one-party rule.

Our future efforts and outreach will focus on the unregistered and who share Bud’s ideals and stance on the issues. To highlight this potential, these likely Bud Pierce supporters are estimated at 17,000 individuals in Marion County alone.

It is through reaching these new supporters, as well as Bud’s common sense message, that we as Oregonians can positively change the narrative of corruption and cronyism that plagues the Oregon State Capitol by putting a real leader in the Governor’s seat.

Along with outreach and voter registration, the campaign is looking to expand our field sign presence statewide this summer. If you know of locations, particularly amongst high traffic corridors such as I-5, Highway 22, Highway 217, I-205 and I-84, please let us know!

There are many ways to get involved and help out Bud:

  • Distribute field and lawn signs in your area.
  • Make phone calls from an application on your smartphone or from our call center in Salem.
  • Hand out literature door to door to help spread the word about Bud.
  • Host an event. 
  • Notify the campaign about events near you. 

Every form of support helps. Together we can bring about real change in our state.

If you wish to get further involved or are interested in learning more, please contact our field organizer, Ross by calling 503-991-5238 or emailing