There is But One Race, The Human Race

Racial violence seems to be growing throughout our country. Nearly every day, I read newspaper headlines about protests and violence stemming from racial tension. And now we see the targeting of police officers.

After five police officers were shot and killed in Dallas, I wrote the following message: 

There is but one race, the human race. We all share a great equality and worth in the eyes of our creator. A great human defect is to separate ourselves, to view ourselves as being different from one another, on the basis of physical appearance, background, or beliefs. While these differences can lead to great variety and pleasurable experiences in our lives, these differences can also be used in ways that encourage hatred, and ultimately lead to great evil. We cannot let this happen.
Law enforcement has the difficult task of maintaining public order in the face of human weakness, and human failure. However, we must demand one absolute standard, that is, when police and citizens interact, success is achieved when the citizen is safe, the police officer is safe, and the law is upheld. Any deviation from this standard must be thoroughly investigated in a transparent way, and any and all criminal behavior is to be referred for prosecution. We must provide our police officers with excellent training, resources, and community support, so that these high standards of policing can be achieved. I know that we can do it. Let us grieve for our losses, and turn toward one another, joining hands as one great humanity, creating a society of opportunity, hope, and peace.

As Governor, I will work to make sure all groups in Oregon are represented and feel included. During my campaign, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting thousands of Oregonians, many who come from different backgrounds than myself. I am committed to bringing my message of hope and renewal to all communities.

Earlier this month I went to an event put on by the Latino community where I met hundreds of people. I listened to them, and I told them what they could expect in a Bud Pierce administration. I even Salsa danced – how well, I leave to others to decide. Meeting with these voters and hearing what is important to them is very important to me.

I want to ensure that every Oregonian feels safe and comfortable in the communities where they live.


   Bud Pierce

Bud Pierce