Ending Traffic Gridlock

Traffic gridlock is something many Oregonians have to deal with every single day. That’s because our state’s roads, bridges, and transportation system are behind the times and haven’t kept up with our population growth and demands.

Reducing gridlock and congestion on our Oregon roads will be a top priority if I’m elected Governor. 

We can reduce these traffic issues by passing a multi-year transportation package. Not only will this help cut down on the amount of traffic and congestion on roads in the Greater Portland area, but it will also allow us to improve our state’s rural airports and smaller ports. 

Included in this transportation plan would be building a system of North-South arterials in Washington County to help reduce traffic on Highway 217. 

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A transportation package failed to pass in 2015, because of Kate Brown’s failed leadership. Brown said she’d keep legislators in Salem until they passed a transportation package, but this did not happen. The governor also sided with out of state environmentalists, instead of Oregonians, when she signed the low carbon fuel standard, a hidden gas tax. Now, an ODOT review, is being delayed, once again jeapordizing the chance of a transportation package passing. 

As Governor, I plan to repeal the low-carbon fuel standard, so everyday Oregonians don’t have to pay an extra 19 cents a gallon on gasoline. I would also only support a gas tax increase if the money primarily went to building roads and bridges. 

For more information on my transportation plan proposals, click here.