Bud Pierce Calls for PERS Reform After Scathing Reports Surface Showing Huge PERS Deficit

Salem, OR (September 22, 2016) – Gubernatorial candidate Bud Pierce is calling on state leaders to take action on the PERS tsunami after the Oregonian published a bombshell article Tuesday about Oregon’s Public Employee Retirement System.

“Politicians like Kate Brown continue to kick the PERS can down the road,” said Pierce. “Our state faces a major problem, and leaders like Kate Brown fail to acknowledge or take action on an issue that will impact our ability to provide crucial public services in areas such as education. This is not a new problem, but one that politicians have ignored for political expediency.”

The article points out a $22 billion deficit in the PERS fund, which Pierce says needs to be handled immediately, instead of avoiding the issue.

“Governor Brown is more interested in passing a regressive tax increase, the largest in Oregon’s history, that will cost Oregon family’s anywhere from $300 - $1,100 more per year for goods and services then showing leadership and tackling the PERS problem head on. This is exactly why we need citizens to step forward in government, rather than politicians like Kate Brown who have bounced around from one political office to the next over the last 25 years while refusing to tackle the tough issues.”

Click here to read the Oregonian article.