oregon bighorn sheep hunting

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Bighorn sheep once roamed vast areas of Oregon. Two subspecies of bighorn sheep roamed Eastern. But settlement of the West brought over-hunting, habitat loss, domestic livestock and associated.

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This objective is accomplished through educating Oregonians about North American wild sheep, funding projects aimed at conservation and game management, and protecting, defending and preserving the lawful right of recreational hunting as a method promoting Bighorn sheep conservation, habitat restoration and a means to safeguard the decline or.

All of Oregon’s bighorn sheep hunts are a once in a life time tag. The odds of drawing are very slim on all hunts and no preference points are allotted. Each applicant has the same chance each year. I know hunters that have drawn the first year they applied and other hunters that have applied.

In recent years, the two river canyons have been the main source of California bighorn sheep that are transplanted around the state. Wiped out of Oregon in the 1940s by unregulated hunting and disease.

Bighorn sheep were native to Oregon, however California bighorn sheep populations all but disappeared in 1915. Difficult winters, disease and unregulated hunting contributed to their demise. Today, Oregon has approximately 3,700 California bighorn sheep spread throughout the state in 37 different herds.

A bighorn sheep hunt is thought by many to be the most expensive game of all. At auctions, bids of $200,000 or more are not unheard-of. A desert sheep hunt in Mexico will run you $50,000 and a stone sheep hunt in Canada will cost $30,000. But any Oregon hunter could draw a bighorn tag this year and it doesn’t have to take a life’s savings to.

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Oregon is home to roughly 4,500 bighorn sheep. Harvesting one is considered an once-in-a-lifetime experience and is one hunt many hunters don’t ever get the chance to go on. Only 85 tags were handed out via state lottery last year and over 21,000 hunters vied for the chance at a tag, according to The Oregonian .

Remember, if you want to date a supermodel . . . Oregon’s controlled hunt application deadline is this Friday. Somebody is going to draw a bighorn sheep tag this year. Maybe it will be you. – Gary.