oregon drinking water program data online

A water system survey is conducted at EPA systems once every 3 to 5 years. Clackamas County’s Drinking Water Program is a resource for water system operators and the public when dealing with water quality alerts, public notices, water monitoring & testing, and sanitary hazard analysis. Public Water system classifications. community water System

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Information for individual public water systems including the contact person is available from the link in the "PWS No." column (below) or at the Oregon Health Authority Drinking Water Services website (see "Drinking Water Data Online"). Source water assessment information is also available in DEQ’s interactive map viewer.

Oregon Drinking Water Services (DWS) administers the certification program.

Kile, oregon state graduate student stephanie foster and collaborators from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, which partially funded the research, analyzed 12 years of data from the Safe.

Drinking Water Program document library. drinking Water Services · Cross .

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Kile, Oregon State graduate student Stephanie Foster and collaborators from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, which partially funded the research, analyzed 12 years of data from the Safe.

You can also access information on the water system using the Oregon Health Authority Drinking Water Program’s online database. (See "Drinking Water Data Online" and use the water system "WS Name Lookup" feature to find your water system.) If you’re a renter and don’t receive a water bill, call your landlord for the water system name.

Oregon’s source water program Drinking Water Protection Program Dept. of Environmental Quality 811 SW 6th Avenue Portland, OR 97204-1390 503-229-5413. Compliance trends. Each state produces an annual report on trends among its drinking water systems. Oregon’s report is not online, but read EPA’s national summary to learn how to get a copy.

Protecting Lane County’s water resources is a top priority for the Health Department’s Environmental Health Program. We work hard to protect groundwater (wells and springs) that is the source of many people’s drinking water.

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4. The State of Oregon, Oregon Health Authority (OHA), Office of Environmental Public Health, Drinking Water Program submitted its primacy application to EPA on July 8, 2009. EPA granted Oregon interim primacy upon receipt of its application. OHA thus has the authority to consider and rule on a variance submitted pursuant to 42 USC 300g-4(a.