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The oregon base map shows the capital and major Oregon cities as well as Oregon's border states. The Oregon elevation map illustrates the elevation above .

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The exact elevation of Bend, Oregon is 3623 feet (1104.3 m), which is relatively high compared to many major cities in the United States.

History. A. P. Tallent, an East Tennessee native who settled in Oregon in the 1870s, platted the city in the 1880s. He wanted to name it Wagner but was overruled by postal officials, who preferred Talent, dropping one of the l’s.The post office opened at this location in 1883.

Oregon Topographic Map: This is a generalized topographic map of Oregon. It shows elevation trends across the state. detailed topographic maps and aerial photos of Oregon are available in the Geology.com store. See our state high points map to learn about Mt. Hood at 11,239 feet – the highest point in Oregon.The lowest point is the Pacific Ocean at Sea Level.

This elevation map of Oregon illustrates the number of feet or meters the state rises above sea level. oregon’s lower elevations are in the west where the state’s low point, sea level, is at the Pacific Ocean. The highest point in the state is Mount Hood, in northern Oregon, Clackamas County, about.

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Oregon City is the county seat of Clackamas County, Oregon, United States, located on the Willamette River near the southern limits of the Portland metropolitan area.Established in 1829 by the Hudson’s Bay Company, in 1844 it became the first U.S. city west of the Rocky Mountains to be incorporated.. As of the 2010 census, the city population was 31,859.

Oregon’s Statewide Land Use Planning Goals. our results indicate that the oceanfront land market expects low elevation.

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Elevation Maps. Many of these files are quite large (1 MB or more) and may require several minutes to download, depending upon the speed of your Internet .

oregon elevation map: This is a generalized topographic map of Oregon. It shows elevation trends across the state. Detailed topographic maps and aerial.

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