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The DOR is developing a new state-specific Form W-4 to be released in 2019. This will help employees who currently use separate Forms W-4 for federal and Oregon income tax withholding purposes. With the new state-specific form, employees will no longer need to complete a separate federal Form W-4 and write “For Oregon only” at the top to.

Effective Jan. 1, 2019, Oregon’s unemployment-taxable wage base is to be $40,600, up from $39,300 for 2018, the state Employment Department said Nov. 21 in a news release. For 2019, unchanged from 2018, unemployment tax rates for experienced employers are to be determined with Schedule 3 and are to range from 0.9 percent to 5.4 percent.

What is the Workers´ Benefit Fund (WBF) assessment? The WBF assessment is a payroll assessment that employers of Oregon workers have paid since 1966. From 1966 to 1994, subject Oregon employers paid this assessment (then commonly referred to as the “cents-per-day tax”), along with their workers´ compensation insurance premiums, to their.

Tell me about domestic employees in the state of Oregon. What taxes is the employor exempt from — Tri-met, WBF? And what form is used to report withholdings and the annual report filed oa? (comparable to the Sch H for Federal)

In the wake of an order from the state Supreme Court allowing the loosening of some restrictions imposed during the COVID-19.

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Reporting forms: Oregon Quarterly Tax Report (Form OQ) Oregon Schedule B State Withholding Tax (Schedule B) Oregon Annual Withholding Tax Reconciliation Report (Form WR) Payments for all tax programs Order OTCs: Salem: 503-945-8100 or 503-378-4988 Internet:

Oregon uses its own test to determine who is an employee for state unemployment insurance (sui) tax purposes. See Test for Employee Status . The law defines wages for SUI purposes as all compensation for personal services, including salaries, commissions, bonuses and the cash value of all compensation paid in any medium other than cash.

Note: The hours you report for UI tax purposes on Form 132 won’t necessarily equal the hours you report for the Workers’ Benefit Fund (WBF) assessment on Form OQ. In part, this is because there may be differences in who is subject to which tax. Also, hours for the WBF assessment should be reported, like wages, in the quarter they are paid.

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