We Must End Gridlock

We must end the “government gridlock” and crony capitalism in Salem to end the gridlock that Oregonians sit in every day on Oregon’s roads and highways. 

Our state’s roads, bridges, and transportation arteries have not kept pace with our population growth and the demands of the 21st Century. The resulting gridlock is impacting our economy by slowing the transportation of goods and services, and it keeps working Oregonians less productive by wasting time stuck in traffic. We need to build roads and bridges for drivers to get from point A to point B in a timely manner. It’s that simple. SOURCE

Gov. Kate Brown’s failure to get a transportation package passed after stating that she wouldn’t allow the legislature to leave Salem without passing a package is the definition of failed political leadership. Working Oregonians pay for this failed leadership every day in longer commute times and higher gas prices.  

Additionally, by signing the low-carbon fuel mandate, Gov. Kate Brown sided with extreme environmentalists rather than working Oregonians. These forgotten Oregonians will pay at least 19 cents more per gallon of gasoline, and Kate Brown’s hidden gas tax won’t fix or repair one road or bridge—or for that matter, reduce global warming. Because of this failure, we are now watching local communities rush to fill the leadership vacuum with local gas tax plans (i.e. the 10 cents a gallon gasoline tax increase proposed for Portland’s May 2016 ballot) that could potentially make a coherent statewide approach to the problem more difficult.

Bud Pierce’s Transportation Plan: 

  • Repeal the Low-Carbon Fuel Standard Law so ordinary Oregonians will not have to spend an extra 19 cents to a dollar per gallon of gasoline in a hidden gas tax whose proceeds will go to state-favored, out-of-state green energy companies 
  • Pass a multi-year transportation package designed specifically to reduce highway road congestion in general and the Greater Portland Area in particular, as well as improve our state’s rural airports and smaller ports.
  • Build a system of North-South arterials in Washington County to deal with the problems that Westside Bypass was supposed to address in order to reduce 217 gridlock and spillover congestion in Clackamas County. 
  • Only support a gas tax increase that goes primarily to build roads and bridges to ease gridlock and that recognizes the overwhelming majority of Oregonians use their cars to commute back and forth to work and take their kids to school and events.
  • Oppose income taxes on employees in transit districts across Oregon to fund transit projects. 
  • Execute strategies that reduce carbon emissions resulting from rush-hour congestion, such as incentives to businesses that participate in flex-time scheduling.