Parents and Families

Supporting Women and their Families in the Workforce and Home

Women make up almost half of the workforce in Oregon.  Those women that decide to have a family must make the often difficult decision of determining whether to stay at home with their children or return to the workforce.  Many times, those women who choose to stay home feel pressured to return to the workforce sooner than they may like.  Similarly, those women who chose to return to the workforce often face pressures that they should spend more time at home with their children.  Regardless of what personal decision each woman makes, she should feel supported in her decision.

Bud Pierce wants to make sure women have the freedom and ability to determine their place in the workforce and in the home.  Keeping Oregon families together and strong – and prospering – should be one of our state’s main goals.  

Equal pay is a must

On average, female full-time workers made 78 cents for every dollar earned by men in 2013. Studies found that women generally earn less than men in nearly every occupation.  Some of this gap results from life and career choices that men and women make, but it underscores the fact that Oregon needs to remain vigilant in enforcing the existing “Equal Pay” laws prohibiting pay discrimination based on sex. SOURCE

Providing Support and Protection for Domestic Violence Victims

Approximately one in four women in the United States have experienced severe physical violence by an intimate partner. SOURCE

In 2014, Oregon domestic and sexual violence programs answered 131,050 calls for help.  In 2014, there were 12,017 requests for shelter that could not be met, demonstrating about a 1.5 percent increase in unmet requests from 2013. SOURCE

Domestic violence is a very real issue across the nation.  Bud Pierce believes it is time to give victims and survivors of domestic abuse the support they deserve from community-based services and the protection they need from our legal system.  More times than not, the justice system protects the rights of the aggressors, leaving victims with little to no means to protect themselves.  It’s time to correct Oregon’s justice system so that victims receive the assistance they need to ensure a safe and secure lifestyle without worrying about future violence.

Making Childcare More Affordable

The cost of childcare is rising.  In fact, Oregon is at the bottom of the list for the most affordable childcare in the nation.  Many parents struggle to afford the childcare necessary to enable them to continue working. Although there are state and federal tax credits, they are only available to certain low-income working parents and they are not enough to salvage the rising costs of care. SOURCE

Oregon needs to rebuild its middle-class by investing in education and career training, which will ultimately lead to higher-paying jobs. Bud Pierce wants to make it easier for parents to afford childcare or have the option to stay at home with their children by cutting their taxes and making family-provided daycare arrangements eligible for tax benefits. Parents need to be able to keep working to grow the economy, but this cannot come at the expense of our children.  Bud Pierce wants to ensure our youth receive the stable and nurturing environment they need to grow.  

Increasing Women’s Access to Healthcare

Arguably, the Affordable Care Act has reduced the number of uninsured women, but more can be done.

Bud Pierce understands the importance of preventative screenings and access to healthcare services.  He will ensure women have access to quality and affordable healthcare and family planning services.  Oregon has taken great strides to be a pioneer in providing accessible contraceptives, but it needs to make sure that these services are safely administered and our women receive the appropriate care at all stages of life.

Continuing Education for Women

Bud Pierce is a strong advocate for continuing education.  It is necessary for all professionals and must be part of all adult (men and women) lives.  On average, most Americans will change jobs or careers 6-7 times during their lives.  Therefore, continuing education should be easily accessible and provide individuals with high quality information at a low cost.  In short, continuing education is necessary for individual and societal success.

In addition, Bud Pierce strongly believes that low-income displaced homemakers should be eligible for low cost training and education to prepare them to re-enter the workforce. 

Effective Screenings Should be Affordable

Screening tests are proven to save lives by detecting diseases in their earliest state.  Bud Pierce understands that these tests should be available for little to no cost.  Currently, for women, these tests include mammograms, pap smears, and colonoscopies (men and women).  As science changes (ages of screening, test refinement, new tests) recommendations must be updated and refined.